Groups Offered at 11th Grade:

  • Group I - English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics/ Psychology
  • Group II – English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Group III - English, Business studies, Economics, Accountancy, Applied Mathematics.
  • Group IV - English, Business studies, Economics, Accountancy, Computer Science.

School Counselling programme:

  • Nature requires children before they are men’’, says Maria Montessori”, who is hailed as a trail blazer in launching play way method for young minds. To uphold this noble thought, RISHS has taken all pains to make the children’s academic journey enjoyable at ease offering Guidance and Counselling for the children. It goes sans saying that the school has a central role in bringing out the best in children. It is in this context, does the school step in to mold each child with good conduct and polish their personality for a holistic growth.
  • The school wishes to humbly place on record that through its dedicated mental health specialist, it provides guidance and counseling to our children on these domains:
  • Feel like your alone? Concerned about peers? lack interest or lost concentration on academics? Worried about issues at home? Confused about your future? You feel it is just not possible to solve problems alone? Unable to deal with your adolesent issues? These problems may just occur and lead to lack of sleep, concentration, lack of appetite, stress, depression and certain other problems. When you need somebody to listen to you and help you to find solutions, a school counsellor can be the best place to start.:
  • Areas in which a counsellor works... A counsellor provides counselling, consultation, coordination and advocacy services to the all students, teachers and parents.a school counsellor works in preventive, curative and development mode. Classroom observation is done The counsellor also addresses the students through life skills training and value education which helps in holistic development. This will also help the counsellor to create rapport with the students, which will make them comfortable to appoarch the counsellor as individuals or as a group when needed. :

Academic development:

  • The teachers either by working individually with the students or teaming with the class teacher and other educators, help students understand their learning needs to improve their academic performance.

Career development:

  • Given the expanding array of learning options available after high school and the fast-changing demands of the workforce, the counselor helps to analyise, find out their career interest and provide accurate, comprehensive and personalised planning.

Social and Emotional development:

  • Issues such as bullying, clique formation, estrangement and infighting are zeroed in on and create a conducive atmosphere that would promote healthy learning, living and personal growth.
  • Early identification of behavioural problems and take suitable steps to prevent onset of such behaviour and work towards finding a suitable solution are prioritised with utmost care and concern.
  • Responding to students who are facing personal challenges and coordinate with the parents to help them out are paid due attention.

ILDP (International Language Development Programme)

  • ILDP is a carefully articulated and comprehensively implemented programme to develop and hone children’s proficiency in English as it is a vista to peep into the rest of the world.
  • English being a lingua franca and the medium of instruction in most of the schools and colleges, it is imperative that children have an excellent command of the language in order to fathom effectively whatever they learn and to communicate seamlessly to the hilt.
  • Our ILDP ensures that our children develop fluency and proficiency in English right from grade 1.

Sports and Physical Education:

  • “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’’, goes the maxim. Keeping this in view, the school’s physical education programme provides a context for regular and structured physical activity participation. Physical fitness is an important component to lead a healthy life.
  • Engaging in regular fitness activities and games not only ensures physical fitness, developed muscle strength and motor skills but also significantly increases concentration, attentiveness in class, better behaviour and self-confidence.
  • Equipped with world class badminton courts, spacious play grounds for different games, cricket nets, separate play area for kindergarten and specialised coaches for different games, RISHS ensures children’s physical and mental fitness to create champions in various games. Few of our achievements are given below.


  • Yoga, the ancient Indian discipline for physical, mental and spiritual harmony, is offered at RISHS.
  • Asana can be translated as “a steady, comfortable seat”. Practicing Yoga asanas at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that is non-competitive.
  • Yogasanas equate therapeutic and medicinal values fostering cooperation, improves concentration and activate brain cells so that shallow breathing is avoidable to a greater extent.
  • Regular practice of yoga asanas along with the right breathing technique enhances one’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness.
  • Hence, the benefits of practicing yogasanas are therefore many fold. Succinctly putting it, Yoga brings that marvelous inner light which all children will experience to the core.

In-service and professional development programmes:

  • We strongly believe education is a life-long process and teachers are back bone of it. The dynamics of education undergo a constant change and it is essential for the teachers to always remain updated about these changes.
  • The in-service higher secondary, middle school and primary teacher training programmes provide an easy and convenient means for the educators to learn about the latest changes and trends in the educational sector.
  • In addition, they also provide the latest information and news about the new challenges, and techniques of education, thus paving the way for their professional growth.

Admission Procedure:

    Admission Process Step by Step :

  • 1.General Admission to clarify with principal
  • 2.Age Requirement and Grade Placement
  • 4.Applicants to Elementary school (1 to 5)
  • 5. Applicants to Secondary School (6 to 12)


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