We Rishans are an eclectic group of educators who cater to a versatile group of students who come from a varied background.  “Can” is a word of power and we believe that we can make a difference in the life of a child.

We endorse a strong recruitment policy and believe in faculties who can bring in innovative ideas in teaching and dare to break away from the conventional methods.


Our team should be innovative and leaves no stone unturned as far as exploring new pedagogical methods at the global front.


The team of faculty should take the onus for the quality of service given to each and every student who has entrusted his / her life with the institution.

Team Work

Positive criticism and feedback is the secret for success as far as a career in teaching is concerned. The work environment promotes team work and additional challenges where a faculty not only gets to learn from his / her colleagues but also explores one’s hidden potential.


A teacher is a compassionate soul, an angel in disguise who cares for the children under his / her care. It goes unsaid that any teacher who walks the corridors of Rishs is like a wise monk who envisions the child’s life and is able to show the road to success.


Teaching is just not another job, but it is a calling. Only people who can only be empathetic and possess incredible qualities such as unconditional love, patience, tolerance and righteousness can be remembered as phenomenal teachers. A teacher who excels will never discriminate any child based on their caste, creed, race or colour.


Teachers are natural leaders and the school offers a huge platform to enhance ones leadership skills. Every emerging talent is recognized and is honoured with the leadership roles inside the campus.



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