The school has the best Infrastructural facilities.


At RISHS,We ensure that our students get the best facilities on campus. The school has the best Infrastructural facilities.

Classrooms :

  • At RIS, we ensure that the process of assimilating knowledge works seamlessly. For this very purpose, we have designed our classrooms to be comfortable and complementary to our learning methods.
  • All classrooms are air-conditioned and complete with learning resources. Computers with interactive software further supplement classroom teaching in the Pre-primary section.

Sports & Performing Arts :

  • SPA (Sports & Performing Arts) is an integral part of the curriculum and we offer a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities for the physical development of a child.
  • Athletics, Karate, Archery, Skating, Badminton, Martial Arts, Music & Speech and Drama, alongside others, are a part of the activities offered by our school.

Sick Bay :

  • Our facilities for medical aide are prompt and comfortable place with a full-time, qualified doctor for any exigencies.

Visual Art Studio :

  • The Visual Art Studio is the creative nucleus of the School. It gives the children the freedom to express themselves through varied mediums like clay, paint, wood, textiles and an array of recyclable materials.
  • The Visual Art Centre works in tandem with the in-class curriculum; ideas studied in class are encouraged to be explored in this space, where no limitations are put on the children.

Computer Lab :

  • A state-of-the-art computer lab furnished with the most up-to-date hardware and software is available to every child, along with supervised internet connectivity.

Library :

  • An open access library provides an all-encompassing opportunity for reading, reference and research to all age groups.

Science & Math Lab :

  • Observation, hyphothesising and experimentation are a crucial part of development in the field of the Natural Sciences. Our Science and Math labs provide ample opportunities for the children to develop their skills through alternative techniques.
  • The labs are interactive spaces that allow children to grow laterally, through an environment outside the classroom.

Canteen :

  • The school canteen caters to the needs of the children based on healthy and hygienic diet and is manned by the experienced catering manager.