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Computer Lab

Steve Job once said, “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think!”. Information Technology is an integral part of the learning system at RISHS International School. It ensures that each child is not only well conversant with the hardware and software aspects but is also able to independently utilize the vast resources of technology as an educational tool. Information Technology is a crucial part of the teaching learning process system at RISHS. With emphasis on practical use of softwares taught and their integration with subjects like Math, Science and Social Studies, the students of RISHS independently utilize technology as a learning tool.


Science Lab

RISHS has an extensive science lab which provides an experimental foundation for the concepts introduced. Students enhance their learning by doing varied experiments which kindles their interest visually and kinesthetically. It also deviates them from rote learning and enriches their thinking ability and drawing skills. It enables the learners to familiarize themselves with experimental apparatus, scientific methods applied, and to make careful observations and draw conclusions in relation to the experiment.

Science Lab in RISHS International CBSE School Mangadu
Stem and Robotics Lab in RISHS International CBSE School Mangadu

STEM & Robotics

STEM at RISHS not only incorporates teamwork and instruction in the ‘soft skills’ needed in the future but also fulfills students’ learning experiences by supporting them in their ability to transfer learning to performing skills, by which students can solve new problems and draw conclusions based upon previously learned principles applied through science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.


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